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Exhibit Donors

  • La Coupole, History and Remembrance Center, Saint-Omer, France
  • Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation, Weimar, Germany
  • UAHuntsville Salmon Library

Exhibit Sponsors

Alabama Humanities
  • Alabama Humanities Foundation
  • UAHuntsville Systems Management & Production Center
  • Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society
  • UAHuntsville Global Studies Program
  • UAHuntsville Humanities Center
  • UAHuntsville School of Graduate Studies
  • UAHuntsville Salmon Library
  • UAHuntsville Department of Art and Art History
  • UAHuntsville Department of History

Faculty Website Authors

  • Dr. Molly Wilkinson Johnson
  • Dr. Stephen P. Waring

Special Thanks

Pas-de-Calais Conseil Général
  • Dr. Michael J. Neufeld. Division Chair and Curator. Space History Division, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.

Faculty Website Coordinator

  • Roxie Veasey

Faculty Website Assistant

  • Dr. Christine Sears

Student Webmaster

  • Jaime Montoya

Web Development Student Team

Forced Labour for the Final Victory
  • Elizabeth Addison
  • Kaitlyn Christensen
  • Katie Hale
  • Anthony King
  • Jaime Montoya
  • Anthony Rhoades
  • Devon Spacek

Exhibit Photography Faculty Coordinator

  • José A. Betancourt

Research Assistant

  • Elisabeth Spalding

Photography Team

  • Elizabeth Addison
  • Teri Bertulfo
  • Kelly Bolton
  • Lindsey Bonen
  • Jen Brown
  • Nice Centanni
  • Kaitlyn Christensen
  • Hunter Elwell
  • Andrew England
  • Lydia Floyd
  • Courtney Hogue
  • Joshua King
  • Matthew Knopps
  • Benjamin Little
  • Chesney Matthews
  • Johnathan McLemore
  • Michael Nguyen
  • Amber Pitts
  • Brian Radke
  • Jillian Rael
  • Devon Spacek
  • Setareh Tajbakhsh
  • Jessica Umphrey

Student Research Assistant

  • Elisabeth Spalding

Department Chairs & Project Advisors

  • Dr. Andrew J. Dunar, Department of History
  • Dr. Lillian B. Joyce, Department of Art and Art History